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Breathe easy and enjoy a fresh-smelling space with our 100% organic incense, handcrafted right here in our shop! Unlike synthetic incense, ours are made entirely with organic ingredients.


Choose from three calming scents:

Rose & Lavender

Sage & Mugwort

Palo Santo & Cedar


Each jar contains 15-16 cones, perfect for multiple uses. Light an incense cone to enhance your aromatherapy experience, promote relaxation, or create a calm atmosphere for meditation.


They have are used to:

  • Cleansing a space of bad odors or negativity
  • Clearing the mind and body
  • Setting intentions


No more artificial scents, only Organic ingredients. Order yours now.



Lila: I've ditched the chemical fumes. I love this handmade, organic incense cones. They fill my space with the calming scent of nature.

Steve: I burn these all the time. My place smells so great.

Handmade Organic Incense (16 Cones)

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